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Painting by the artist

North – Autumn

South – Bhutanatha Temple, Badami

South – Konaseema, Andhra Pradesh.

Central – Panchabhootas

West – Bird bath, Jodhpur.

East – Rangoon Creeper

South- Golconda Rock, Hyderabad.

West – Monsoon Flamingos, Porbandar




SIZES: 25cm x 25cm each – SET OF 4


SIZES: 50cm x 70cm, 60cm x 90cm

The coastal lands with wind vistas of palm trees & green paddy fields are a reflection of Tweaky's origins.


SIZES: 50cm x 70cm, 60cm x 90cm

Bird Baths in Jaipur mainly focus on the sustenance of little birds in and around the city, which is also a reflection of TWEAKY'S emphasis on environmental sustainability. This painting speaks volumes about the priorities of humans as a species to preserve other living creatures.

TWEAKY sees our world as of made of 5 elements – ‘The panchabhootas’. Their 5 elements come to give different form & different concentration to create unique visuals like the crafts that blend into a Natural & rich oneness


SIZES: 30cm x 40cm, 40cm x 50cm

TWEAKY finds the flora from the far east conveys of India inspiring. They show her bright colours come together to become a composite whole – The very essence of TWEAKY’s ethos. The regeneration of each flower brings out searchability of nature – something that is dear to us.


SIZES: 50cm x 70cm, 60cm x 90cm

The range of autumn colours describe TWEAKY’s wide range of hues and contrasts. They have infused life into all of TWEAKY’s products & it presents highlights over fondness for colours.


SIZES: 140cm x 56cm

In the south is the gorgeous & little brown Bhutanatha temple at Badami with respectable colours. TWEAKY admires this temple & it’s journey of exploring Indian Architecture began here 2 decades ago.


SIZES: 50cm x 70cm, 60cm x 90cm

TWEAKY’s home city of Hyderabad – The large boulders of nature in par which sharing fortress has made these histories, romances and their fortunes made Golconda fort and it’s people… majestic & warm.


SIZES: 50cm x 70cm, 60cm x 90cm

Monsoon are a time of reflection at TWEAKY. The rains in all its form makes the team here out of our windows and imagine worlds. But this painting, The artist was outside and the view of flamingos and monsoon was an atmospheric scene.

South – Nandi Hills, Karnataka.


SIZES: 50cm x 70cm, 60cm x 90cm

High in the luxurious green ‘Nandi Hills’ is a gorgeous where greens of mother earth leave a calm feeling in the soul. TWEAKY showcases this area where the blue skies and green earth meet and a dusty road led to paths a new…


SIZES: : 50cm x 70cm, 60cm x 90cm

The banyan trees reflect our awe at the uniqueness of trees around us. It reflects how connected we are to our branches where roots have to support our mother tree. Like TWEAKY we hope many branches grow & sustain the environment of Artists, Artisans & Architects around us creating empowered and exclusive crafts reflecting our ethos.


SIZES: 50cm x 70cm, 60cm x 90cm

The lightness of a bamboo grove brings a combination of shades & light which makes it mysterious at the same time and allows you to see far into its grove. TWEAKY connects with that shades & mystery.

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