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This Handle is made of aluminium metal and Ladd work of Charminar(Ladd Bazar-Hyderabad) is a 15th century craft originated during the Mughal rule in India. It is made of glass and lacquer, semi-precious stones and glitter. Chapdi (black Lac) and orange chapdi (light golden Lac) is melted to a semi molten state. The desired color Lac stick is rubbed onto a warmed up Lac base and shaped with a wooden hattha on a metal handle. Laboriously the craftsmen encrust semi-precious stone or rhinestone beads and glass fragments in a riot of colorful patterns.
Artistic inspiration are the famous Lac bangles which are an important aspect of adornment for the women of India. The mounting of this handle is given with hardware (screw ,nut and washer)

  • Code: TLH2 - KASYA

    Colour: Multi-Color

    Dimensions: L = 380mm W = 21.65mm H = 30.00mm

    Weight: 90 g

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