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TWEAKY's sustainable design meets the present needs by combining the traditions of India's past without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We emphasize sustainability in every step of product design & delivery. 


From using eco-friendly paints to reusable packaging. We intend to make your life simpler. A tweaker, by definition, is someone who makes simple things better. For us, this simply means creating products that are functional, easy-to-use, and sustainable. By observing your needs, our design process begins with reusing existing structures rather than creating new ones. This is followed by a process of evolution & iteration that fine-tunes the product into what it should be. 


In the association of working with traditional material suppliers, we have established new processes that result in beautiful, long-lasting products with as small of an ecological footprint as possible. We aim to make these products accessible to everyone. If you're already using them, you'll know what we mean. If you're not, we'd love it if you try them out.

“For every purchase you make, we plant a Tulsi for you”

Giving back to our roots

India's art and artisans have a history that can be traced back to prehistoric settlements in the 3rd millennium BC. Enduring and evolving throughout our nation’s vibrant past, and reshaping culture throughout the subcontinent, India’s artisans have often not received the recognition they deserve. Tweaky works towards creating a change in the industry to promote and compensate India’s local artisans in better ways. Tweaky pays tribute to more than 23 million craftsmen engaged in different craft sectors across an estimated 360 craft sectors throughout India.


Our products are exclusively made by artisans in India who are passionate about their work. We only work with partners who ensure fair treatment and decent pay. We are working to bring positive change in the lives of artisans, and to help preserve India's traditional crafts.

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