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​Sustainable Indian Reimagining

of IKEA's Swedish Innovation

IKEA’s Swedish innovation finds a sustainable Indian home.

Inaugural offer

Traditional Indian motifs. Environmentally conscious designs.

TWEAKY's design ethos stems from the desire to showcase India's numerous vivid art styles in sophisticated modern hardware. In all our collections, we preserve the essence of India's traditional designs while making sustainable products for modern living.

We Hear
Your Love.

I receied the Rangoon Creeper painting from Tweaky store. The packaging was flawless and am very happy with the ontime delivery. The product was awesome with splendid color palette. It was mesmerizing with perfect blend to reality and great pleasure to the eyes. Overall the collection is awesome and surely keeps me attracted. Thank you Tweaky store for making this happen and wish you a glorious future

- Devi

Tweaky store transforms my house into a home. It adds colour and quirk, elevating factory bought furniture into one -of -a -kind  designer ware. I love it that Tweaky products also help sustain the artisans of rural India!

- Shuchi Mathur

- Srinivas

I love the Tweaky brand. An amazing blend of fine quality and mature traditions! I like the connection to our roots and how it feels to touch the products. Well done ! 

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