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Tweaky reimagines IKEA's products to showcase India's numerous cultural motifs. In all our collections, we preserve the essence of India's traditional designs while making sustainable products for modern living. We aspire to inspire in our customers an appreciation for the art and culture of India. We not only make products that appeal to the senses but also work to make them more sustainable. We use biodegradable materials in our packaging, and recycle what we can. Our packaging is also recyclable. Our products are designed and made in India by artisans who are passionate about their work. We work with our partners to ensure that they are paid well and treated fairly. We are working to bring about positive change in the lives of artisans, and to help preserve India's traditional crafts.HOME


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C V Vandana is the creative force behind Tweaky. She is an architect with three decades of experience and done her master’s in environmental design. Her thesis is on 'Vastu-Shastra and its relevance with modern architecture in residential houses' and ‘ Blue-Green Vein concept of Urban city’. She recently won the national award for her project ‘Rain Garden’ for Green & Clean cities category. Her expertise in Landscape architecture stems from a deep love for nature since her early days spent in Kudremukh, in the Western Ghats of Karnataka.


"All forms are to be found in nature."